The Prime Location Of One Pearl Bank – A Major Attraction - Book In Istanbul Hotels

One Pearl Bank condo is located in the Outram Park at the Pearl’s Hill and the site has an area of 82, 376 sq. ft. and 613,701 sq. ft. gross floor area. It is a rebuilt structure of the former Pearl Bank Apartments and retains the iconic structure of horseshoe shape. Capitaland bought the Pearl Bank Apartments due to its continuous downfall. The site consists of two towers connected with a sky bridge on top, from where you can get a spectacular view of Sentosa and the Central Business District. The condos have 39 storeys and 774 units.

There would be plentiful amenities for the residents of One Pearl Bank. The actual units would come furnished with the appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, washer-dryer and others including essential toiletries and floor tiles. The show flats would be furnished with the same quality appliances and furnishing that you would get in the actual units. This will guide the people and they can get the real feel of a condo unit and take their decisions. Other facilities would include fully equipped gymnasia, clubhouse, function room, swimming pool, tennis court, children’s playground, and many others.

The location of the condo site is very prime and the biggest advantage for the residents. Apart from having an amazing view from its location, the condo also has the Outram MRT station right around the corner of the condo site. It also has a wide range of malls and food outlets nearby. From luxurious restaurants offering an exquisite variety of dishes to street food chains with local food items, you can find everything you desire.

Other location advantages of the condo site

Cosmopolitan location – Couples looking for a place in the cosmopolitan area can take a look at the One Pearl Bank condo. It has everything that they would need to start their new life. With medical facilities nearby, they don’t have to worry about traveling to the city in case of a medical emergency. Couples willing to have kids or already have kids can avail to the best schools in the city. The condo has a mature feeling to it with local heritage and culture. Thus, the families would be very comfortable while living in the condo.

Near to the financial hub – Chinatown Outram District, the intersection of the cultural and financial hub of Singapore is located very near to the condo in the Pearl’s Hill. The officials working there can live in the condo so that they are close to their home and can easily commute between home and workplace. The Central Business District is also very close to the site and if you work there, then the best place to reside would be the condo.

Near to Singapore cultural district – The condo is a rare development due to its cultural heritage. The cultural districts along with an efficient transport system are within a small range of distance from the condo. Capitaland has done a commendable job in transforming the Pearl Bank Apartments to the present structure. It has given a modern approach to it while maintaining its historical aspect.