Offers & Pools

When it comes to having a great holiday, money comes on the second place. The first thing you should consider in order to enjoy fully your trip is the destination and accommodation.

Since the early beginning of 21 century the tourism has improved significantly in Anguilla. Lots of hotel, bars, restaurant and attractions has started to rise from nothing, as a result of the high demand. Tourists, especially from the top level category, prefer choosing this relaxing destination to spend their holidays, mainly due to the huge amount of fine beaches you can find in Anguilla, the crystal clear sand on them and the favorite temperatures, that maintain above 25 C degrees on the whole year.

The official web portal offers to their clients a range of top offers that you simply can’t refuse them. Starting from overnight stays and ending at up to 7 days holidays, the offers include access to the hotel pools and sauna.

These are some of the most appreciated ones, booked and reserved from their appearance by newsletter subscribers:

·        1 night

  • City tour included
  • $100 (single room) / $130 (double room)
  • Access to the outside pool

·        2 nights

  • City tour
  • Access to the outside and inside pool
  • Open bar at the hotel’s restaurant
  • $200 (single / double room)

·        3 nights

  • Ferry boat sail
  • Access to both pools
  • Open bar 24/7 at hotel’s restaurant
  • Sauna and spa sessions
  • $300 (single / double room)

·        *6 nights

  • City tour
  • Ferry boat sails
  • Mini golf entry ticket
  • Sauna, spa & massage sessions
  • $500 (single / double room)

The offers stated above are under the terms and conditions released by the hotel’s staff members.

Don’t forget your swimsuit

When traveling to such an exotic and hot destination it is a must to don’t forget your swimsuit at home. A thing is for sure: water does not miss in that environment. Weather you prefer having a good time at the beach, serving a well prepared martini and flipping your head around the sexy bikinis, or you just want to relax at the hotel’s pool, everything is possible.

Colombus Hotel has become one of the most appreciated hotels in Anguilla mainly due to the fact that services provided by them are of top quality and the client’s experience is a top priority in the conduit of the entire staff. Of all available programs and services you can read from, the official web portal of the famous hotel in Anguilla.

Terms and Conditions: All offers marked with * does not include flight ticket. Check-in and check-out can be made at any hour. The payment can be made only by cash transfer and it is non-refundable.