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Heat presses come in different sizes, obviously and it is your mission to understand which size you will need the most. If you get a big one, using it for small elements will be too complicated. If you get a small one, you won’t be able to use it for bigger applications. A heat press size guide re below should be the answer to your questions.

Label presses

As the name reveals, these presses are the smallest of them all and commonly used for labels only, heck the name. The size is usually between 4×6 and 8×6 inches. Most units are completely portable and can be powered by a battery. Of course, they can’t be used for larger operations and they can’t reach higher levels of pressure and temperature.

Don’t think that they are for beginners only. Some units are professional heat presses with a lot to offer.

Small models

Small heat presses will have a dimension between 9×12 and 12×14 inches. They are commonly used for mid-sized T-shirts and similar applications. Nevertheless, they are affordable, come in plenty of different colors and with different features. It is a mixture of size and power when it comes to temperature and pressure settings.

Mid-sized models

The dimensions of these heat presses are 15×15 inches or close to it. They are considered to be the best value for money and they can come with all different options, made to provide different advantages and they can be used for professional purposes. Most of you will actually be perfectly happy with a press of this kind. You won’t need a lot of space, but you will get all you will ever need.

Large units

Large heat presses have dimensions of 16×20 inches or more and they are real beasts. The opening can be up to 60 degrees and all possible features are available. Presses of this kind are essential for those who make T-shirts and have a need to create bigger items as well. They are not very portable, but they are not extremely expensive either.

Massive heat presses

If you need a heat press for massive items, you will need a massive model. They vary in size, but the most common units are 40×65 inches, which means that they are common for factories and business locations. Most of them are fully automatic and offer advanced features. Yes, they are definitely tempting to own, but keep in mind that you will need plenty of space to store it, you will have to learn how to use it and you will get a massive power bill at the end of the month.


As you were able to see, different heat presses come in different sizes. The bottom line is that all models except massive ones can be used in a home or for minor applications. If you have a business, and you need a huge heat press, then you need to go through heat press reviews to have the best one. We can even call them industrial heat presses.