Core Construction Of The Pickleball Paddle: It’s More Complex Than You Believe - Book In Istanbul Hotels

When choosing a new pickleball paddle, we all believe that these are simple tools made of wood and they can be constructed in one minute. But, this is far from the truth. As a matter of fact, these paddles are complex due to their core. It is a crucial component that makes a massive difference as you play the game. There are three main types of cores found in the paddles.

Aluminum core provides better accuracy but dampens the shot power

At you can see some of the best paddles made with this technology. What it means is that inside a paddle is honeycomb made of aluminum. It will dampen the shot making it less powerful. This type of core also affects the noise a paddle makes on the impact. They are quieter than the second type we will explain below.

The weight is considered to be in the middle. Paddles with this core type are lightweight but they are not the lightest of them all. On the other hand, we can see that they are the most popular type of paddles on the market.

Nomex cores offer the most powerful shots

If power is what you seek, then a paddle with a core made of Nomax is the right choice. It is considered to be a newer type of technology and it is beneficial due to two reasons. This core will ensure you perform the most powerful shots every single time and you will love the noise it makes. The material is made by mixing the cardboard residue and special glue that creates a unique material. In addition, the core is also made in the form of a honeycomb.

These paddles are usually considered as the most professional models. They are reserved for players who need the ultimate power and who want to head a loud noise when the ball hits the paddle. And yes, they are slightly more expensive than other paddles.

Polymer cores are the softest of them all

If precision is all you need, then a paddle made of polymer is the answer. It will impress you with the overall softness that makes all shots easier. Of course, this type of material will absorb the energy as well, so your shots will be less powerful.

A combination of the price and the availability made these paddles very popular today. You can literally find them anywhere and you will be able to afford them, simply because they are more than affordable. The core is made of a combination of plastics and other materials, unique for each brand.


A proper core of your pickleball paddle can assist you with your game. It will follow the movement you need, it will help you perform more powerful hits or more accurate and it will last for a decade. Now you understand that paddles of this kind are more than just complex and they are definitely not cheap items.