Weather you are a busy person or you have a lot of free time, offers you the best solutions in terms of accommodation in Anguilla Island.


Colombus Hotel


Rue de l’Escale Lot 30, 97150


Oyster Pond, Saint Martin (Anguilla)

0590 87 42 52


0590 87 39 85


In order to stay updated with the latest offers released by Colombus Hotel you have a complete suite of methods from which to choose. Either by using a Smartphone, a tablet or a desktop, the technology will be user friendly with you and keeps the process of booking at the easiest parameters.

To find out the current packages that are available on the market, you have these options:

  • Reach the Information Center from the hotel’s desk
  • Visit and go to Offers page
  • Personally go to the hotel location and demand a offer based on your terms
  • Download the mobile version of booking a room at Colombus Hotel

The hotel’s location is situated strategically close to the best beaches in Anguilla so that tourists can enjoy a holiday without a lot of travelling fuss. You can reach the nearest beach in maximum 5 minutes, or the nearest restaurant in top 10 minutes, by foot.

Newsletter Subscription

Travelling to Anguilla from the other side of the world implies deep researches in finding the best travel agency offer. Many times, you don’t even get the desired results and the odds you taking the trip are dropping seriously.

As a former client of this hotel,  I have been informed by their one-day special offer via an email received, as a result of my subscription to Colombus newsletter.

Every month I received, and I am still receiving, typed emails informing me about the newest room offers, the main attractions that rose up from nowhere and about the possible flights that I might attend to reach them.

All you have to do is to search the newsletter gadget display on the home page of, insert your email address and click the submit button. A very quick verification email will be send to your address in the following seconds.

You have to click on the provided link and you are all set up. The process of verification is made due to the many spam attacks to their servers and the lack of trustiness that they developed during their years of activity.

Porting Colombus Hotel to your Mobile Phone

Depending on the type of your operating system that runs on your mobile, you can get the Colombus Hotel app from the following stores:

  • Android – Google Play
  • Apple – App Store
  • Windows Phone – Windows Store

This very interesting way of promoting their available services has been adopted by many top brand hotel resorts and had lead to higher incomes.

Also, the user experience has increased because the whole process of booking a room became a lot easier. From various forms to be completed, just a couple of button clicks will do the job.