Anguilla Attractions

Anguilla is a well-known country around the world, mainly due to their exceptional touristic development. At there, you can find all kinds of attractions and perform the best tours of your life.

Having both day user experience and night user experience increased at maximum, the companies and hotel resorts have only to win from their existence on these beautiful islands. A short classification would look like this:

Beaches, Parks & Reservations

  • Shoal Bay
  • Rendezvous Bay Beach
  • Meads Bay
  • Bernes Bay Beach
  • El Buen Consejo Underwater Archaeological Preservation
  • Crocus Bay Beach
  • Captain’s Bay

Boat Tours & Scuba Diving

  • Special D Diving
  • Scuba Shack – Shoal Bay Scuba
  • Vigilant Divers
  • Garfield’s Sea Tours
  • Sea Pro Charters
  • Calypso Charters Anguilla
  • Tradition Sailing Charters

Surfing, Golf Courses & Gear Rentals

  • Surf Axa
  • Anguilla Watersports
  • CuisinArt Golf Club
  • Little Bay
  • Cove Bay
  • Savanna Bay
  • Sandy Ground

Living such a highlife during the day, it was inappropriate to have a boring night. Even the most fun and party-people can find here their interests satisfied and requirements demand.

Among other places to party on, in Anguilla, here a few of them, just to make an idea about the size of a real party:

  • Johnno’s Place
  • Dune Preserve
  • Elio’s
  • Uncle Ernie’s
  • A. Cafi
  • Gwen’s Reggae Bar & Grill

Sightseeing and Landmarks

Probably the best feeling in a life is when having a course on the Atlantic Ocean with a yacht, surrounded from all directions by lots of bikinis and relaxing yourself.

Having a certificate of excellence, Colombus Hotel can include in your package a special offer of sailing, available only for clients that have a minimum 3 days trip period. Among the available options you can find:

  1. Funtime Charters
  2. GB Ferries
  3. Maurice & Sons Exquisite Services

A very important aspect to be taken care of when choosing your travel destination is the weather. In order to have a good time and enjoy your stay, clouds must stay away from the sky and sun shall smile up on the sky.

For Anguilla, this matter of fact is already solved. Located near Equator, during all year, the temperatures never get into the freezing zone, maintaining at the limit of heat comfort and resistance.Also, precipitations are very rare, and the quantity never gets higher than 100mm, except October, when the quantity of rainfall reaches its peak at 160mm. Having these extraordinary natural conditions, it is no wonder that this country has been introduced into Earth’s most beautiful places heritage, with a touristic sector that assures more than 80% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product).