Identity and Comfort

Located in the Caribbean islands area, Colombus Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Anguilla, dating since the 1990s. During its period, it has been refurbished several times in order to fulfill all clients request and to maintain himself in the elite category.

The hotel dispose of a wide area of room’s selection, as its accommodation places count up at more than 50. There are several types of rooms to reserve for a stay, depending on the number of persons that will be hosted in that room, the overall conditions and the access granted inside the resort.

You can choose between the following options:

  • Single Room
  • Double Room
  • Triple Room
  • Exclusive Suite

Thus, wheatear you are single on holiday or with your entire group of friends, you can always find rooms available to be booked at Colombus Hotel.

Facilities Offered by Hotel Colombus

I would like to present you a list of the reasons why I chose to enjoy my trip to the beaches in Anguilla, at this amazing hotel. Regarding the previous client’s experience, which by the way is more than positive, the services provided by the hotel’s staff members are for a very high quality and finesse.

In order to benefit of full privileges, even pets are allowed inside the resort. You may take your cat, or dog, with you in the room and enjoy a wonderful day. Charges may be applied if damages are made, but if you consider yourself an animal lover, this wouldn’t be a problem.


www.colombus-hotel.com disposes of a high portability and quality content. For the most busy and curious tourists, the website platform prepared for its visitors a set of the most common and used direction to the nearest airport or shuttle service.

These services are provided by the Colombus’s staff and charges are applied. Also, the hotel has a car rental agency associated that offers a wide range of auto vehicles to clients.

From the point of view of the languages spoken, you have nothing to worry about as the personal hired by the hotel is required to know at least these 4 languages, ranked prior of their importance:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. France
  4. Italian

The 24 hour opened desk is available to be consulted at any hour so that you can obtain information from the hostess whatever the time of your arrival may be. Thus considered, I highly recommend spending a quality time at Colombus Hotel in Anguilla and enjoy the sunny beaches and ferry sails fully.

Terms and Conditions: All facilities marked with * are available in exchange of a 15 EUR rate per 24 hour. All facilities listed under ** are available in exchange of a 14 EUR rate per day. No reservation is needed in order to benefit of these services.