It is relatively easy to find a grill that will look great on your teeth. With the help of technology, there are a lot of materials and possibilities involved and now is our turn to explain all of them. Grills have been with us for decades and they are better than ever before. Each one is made from exotic metal as you shall see right now.

Silver: Most affordable

Most affordable grills, something you can check out at are made of silver. This metal is reliable, durable and it looks great. Most people will think that your grill is made of platinum, which is the most expensive material used in production.

A unique advantage of silver is the fact it looks elegant and isn’t too pronounced. On the other side, we can see that gold make a grill pop up and stands out more than any other metal used in the manufacturing process. Don’t forget that a grill made of silver will need maintenance more than any other type. You will need to polish it every now and then and you will have to make sure all the stains are removed.

Gold: The oldest and the most popular

Gold was the material to look when a new grill is purchased. It is still the oldest and the most common material used in the production. There are a few advantages. First of all, these grills look elegant and more expensive than they actually are. Then we can see that gold is durable and won’t lose its looks after any period of time.

Most of you believe that gold is yellow and this color is the only option for your new grill. Actually, it isn’t. Nowadays you can choose between white, yellow and even rose grills made of gold. This isn’t the same type of gold but has the same characteristics and it will stay like new for a long period of time.

Gold used in production can be either 10 or 24 karats and the price can vary depending on the design, type, size and the weight of gold used.

Platinum: The latest and the best

If you look for the ultimate grill, then there is no other option than to choose platinum. This metal still looks like the best and the most appealing of them all. On the other side, we can see that these grills are the most expensive. An advantage is in the fact platinum doesn’t require any maintenance at all and it will look like new even after years of use.

These grills are a bit rarer and usually custom-made, which increases their price even more. Don’t forget that platinum looks excellent and superb regardless of where you are at the moment.


Grills are made of exotic metals only and as such, they are pieces of art. You can choose the metal you like and then find a grill that looks perfect on your teeth. Of course, the budget you can afford will affect the choice as well.