The good news is that there are different means of managing and expanding the PS4 storage, regardless of the type of model, so that implies that you have no reason not to engage in a PlayStation 4 game because of limited space. In this article, we will talk about the ways you can effectively manage your hard drive whilst expanding the storage on your PS4. Everyone wants to enjoy their game and it is important to manage your PS4 storage space for maximum utilization and superior performance.

Delete videos, screenshots, and themes

If you have successfully cleared off some old games and you still need to have additional space, you could delete some themes, screenshots, or videos.

The process is simple. Proceed to settings and then click on systems storage management, just as we talked earlier.

Then head to either the capture gallery section or the themes section, it depends on the files you intend to clear out.

Screenshots and Videos are classified as games and you choose to either clear off the screenshots or individual videos or perhaps you can clear off all the files that are connected to a particular game. You can also decide to go for one option – copy to USB storage gadget, just in case you wish to have a copy of the document saved in another place before you completely remove the file from your console.

Delete files and games

Right before you start investing your hard earned cash on upgrading the hardware, I strongly suggest that you figure out if you can eliminate some space on your hard drive. First, proceed to the settings, then afterward, go to the systems storage management to see the contents uploaded to the hard drive – games, screenshots, videos, themes, applications, or save files.

Games usually occupy more space on your hard drive; you will be amazed how those 50GB take up space within a short time. What that also implies is that they are the quickest and easiest ways to save some space. If there are games that don’t really suit your style at the moment, it is important that you remove them from your console and make space available for new titles – you can re-install them if you want to play the game, either from the PlayStation store or from the disc.

If you want to know the games that are occupying more space on your hard drive, click on the application section under the system storage management. On this place, you will see a catalog of all the games and application installed on your PlayStation 4, along with extra information on the space they occupy.

When you want to remove files from your hard drive, make use of the options button available on your controller. You will find out a checkbox that is close to the entry on the list, choose the games that don’t catch your interest or fancy and proceed with delete.