Finding the best League of Legends jokes is going to be very hard. Why? There are just so many jokes out there. There’s so much content to choose from that it seems that every other joke is the best thing since sliced bread.

Of course complicating this search is the very obvious fact that there is no shortage of joke sites, joke facebook groups, and Twitter humor accounts. Reddit alone is heavily loaded with all sorts of funny sub-reddits or at least self-proclaimed funny discussion groups. As you probably can tell, anyone can say they are funny. But saying you can make people laugh is quite different from actually having the ability to do so. This is the big challenge we are up against.

It’s so easy to come up with LOL moments on so many different levels. LOL of course stand for League of Legends. It also stands for Laugh Out Loud. And when it comes to jokes involving this highly infectious and highly popular video game, there’s a lot to choose from.

But you have to understand that what makes finding the best League of Legends jokes so problematic involves the word “best”. If you think about it, it’s not much different from looking for the best accommodations or best hotels.

You see, the word “best” is a landmine. What’s best for you may not be all that good to somebody else. In fact, it might lead to some sort of nightmare. Why? Well, when we say best, we really are saying that it compares really well with most other choices. So far so good right?

The problem is that we all compare in different ways. We have different needs. We come from different backgrounds. We look at the world differently. We compare things based on our experiences. And when you add up all these differences, this is why this may make sense on a purely subjective level to go with what somebody else thinks is the best because they’re entitled to their opinion. They have their own set of circumstances. They have their own set of variables to deal with. And we go back to the end result; it’s going to be very different.

So do yourself a big favor and focus on your needs. Focus on what makes sense in your particular context and that’s how you will come up with the best. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re looking for the best hotels or accommodation for your vacation or business trip, or you’re looking for the best League of Legends jokes.

By doing things this way, you will overcome the structural and logical weakness of the concept of “the best.”