While there are a lot of very good turntables to be had on the used market, the rest of mind that’s associated with getting a fresh turntable with the knowledge that it has never been used before, mishandled, or dropped is mostly worth a great deal. Before going to Pickmyturntable.com or your nearest electronics or record store it is an awesome idea to have questions answered on your own, even if loosely, these questions as follows:

1) Price Range – As with the majority of things in life you receive what you pay for. However, the awesome thing about vinyl is that it could be experienced with a lot of pleasure even with a very normal setup. You need to begin somewhere and a lot of sound enthusiasts and audiophiles with systems worth tens of thousands of dollars cast their minds back fondly at their initial stereo/turntable/setups as the starting point of a lifelong passion.

2) Features – The turntables of nowadays provide a wide variety of features as well as just playing the record. Knowing how you will be making use of your turntable and which features are most vital will assist you to narrow down your search.

USB vs. Non-USB: One of the freshest features to attain popularity amidst turntable makers is the addition of a built-in USB port. The USB port lets you transfer music from your records to your computer system where you could then convert it to mp3 format.

Many people out there believe that the conventional vinyl records offer warm and rich sounds for music. Majority of the DJs and disc jockeys are professionals in playing turntables for it allows the easy operation and easy control of the music that is being played. In as much as the technology that is being employed is out of date, you still get to find the turntables in different places you visit.

You must pay close attention to the number and the kind of outputs that you desire to have on your turntable. The newly manufactured models come with USB connectors, thus making a somewhat easy task to have music transferred from the LP to the computer, just like the snapping of a finger. It is advised that you ensure that the product you are looking at purchasing connects properly to your speakers, computer and mixer board.

Ensure that the turntables of your choice do not vibrate too often. It is important that you look out for those that appear to be durable. If it is possible, it is advised that you ask for warranties. The turntables that are designed using plastic should not be on your list owing to the fact that they are durable and they tend to vibrate more often. The turntables that vibrate are not recommended as the vibrations affect the sound produced and the quality of the audio.

The belt-drive turntables are the turntables that have motor indie of them responsible for spinning the record and turning the belt. The direct drives turntable have the record spinning automatically, however, the music is disrupted owing to the vibrations generated by the turntable. The belt drive turntables can give you a clear sound since the vibrations are reduced compared to the direct drive turntables. If you are more inclined to DJ scratching, the direct drive turntables are advised, since they provide better control than the belt drive turntables.

Click and thumps show that the turntable in question is fabricated using less solid construction and that the turntable will not survive the test of time. In addition, you should ensure that the turntable has an excellent seclusion form the stylus.