Like most men, you might also be looking for ways on how to restore your dying hairline. Society believes that a man with a receding hairline is less appealing to the opposite sex irrespective of his age. Even though some people take this with levity, it can be a serious concern to a man that has not undergone this sort of transformation in the past. See full article here for how to regrow hair naturally.

One amazing and effective way to slow the process of hair loss in men is by taking care of your hair and paying close attention to it. Avoid using strong or abrasive shampoos that is capable of causing damage to the hair follicle. However, it is better to opt for baby shampoo because it is less damaging and it is more effective when applied to an adult’s hair. In addition, do not change the direction or position of your hair through force or any other means. Doing so might cause damage to the hair close to the follicle region.

In other terms, you are advised to opt for simple and non-damaging methods that are less contaminating or drug-free. You are also advised to opt for the one that won’t disrupt your daily routine. If you are looking at the drug options for your hairline regrowth, then you will have to consume pills for an extended period of time. You must also remember that the drugs might have an adverse effect on your body.

Aside from that, here are the following mistakes that you should watch out for when taking care of your hair. Unconsciously, you are damaging your hair without even knowing it. Hence, the above-mentioned hair care methods will be rendered useless. Here are the following mistakes to avoid:

  1.    Applying conditioner directly to the scalp, not on the hair

You must keep in mind that conditioner is for the hair itself, not the scalp. It’s not similar to applying shampoo that you tend to massage your scalp while doing so. Aside from that, applying conditioner directly to your scalp could instantly wearing the hair follicles that are about to grow. Instead of growing your hair fast, you will most likely slow down the process and decrease the efficacy of your methods used.

The next time you’re going to use conditioner, always remember to apply it to your hair only to keep it hydrated. It also serves as a protection from any potential damage to your hair.

  1.    Using the wrong hairbrush

Is there such thing as the wrong hairbrush? Yes, there is. You must be mindful of using hairbrush because it can also affect the growth of your hair. Even if you are a gentleman, it is not recommended that you use a synthetic, plastic or metallic hairbrush. As much as possible, you should opt for natural brushes with soft bristles to preserve your hair.

  1.    Combing your hair while it’s still wet

Both females and males commit this common mistake. In an attempt to dry hair fast, they tend to comb it while it’s still wet. Aside from that, brushing wet hair will cause the hair follicles to break even before it had to grow. You may notice frizzy strands of hair sticking out. From now on, you must let your hair dry naturally first before you decide to brush it out.

  1.    Applying hairspray before styling

Unless you plan to use a hair iron or blower when are styling your hair, make sure that you do not apply hairspray first. When the heat comes in contact with the alcohol contained in hairspray, it will most likely generate a sizzling sound. However, it poses no problem if you are planning to use hairspray and just style your hair with your fingers.

  1.    Not maintaining your long hair

If you have decided to grow your hair longer, then you should know how to maintain it properly. Both gender’s hair follicles experience tremendous pressure if the hair is too long. Hence, you should consider going back to a neat men’s cut again if you notice severe hair fall after you have grown your hair for a little too long for your gender.

These are some of the most common mistakes we tend to overlook. It might seem small but the damage it can cause your hair can be irreparable as time went on. Make sure to avoid these common mistakes and take good care of your hair properly if you want to speed up the process of growing back your hairline.