Offshore software development has turned to a global affair at the moment. It’s aboutgiving out a project that is of any size to a software contractor that is located in a far country. Romania offshore development is great and essential for any worldwide client. Based in the centre of Eastern Europe, Romania is quitefamous for her fastest growing Information Technology Industry. It is in competition with other Eastern Europe countries likeUkraine, Hungary, Serbia, and the Czech Republicamong others. The Romania software development industry has been a European Union member and it attracts high-profile customers from Western Europe.

Having previously mentioned above that competition is rigorous among countries in the Eastern Europe region, one might want to know why the Romania offshore development is special. Here are a few reasons why.

  1. a) Multi-lingual labourforce – Romanian developers are native English English is a language that is accepted and used universally in a lot of ways. Their competitive advantage is their ability to be able to speak other major languages that could be a part of any software program. Their alternative languages include Greek, Spanish, French, Swedish, Danish, Finnish and German among others.
  2. b) Numerous developers – According to statistics made available before the year 2007, Romania had almost 45,000 software developers. Furthermore, it had 8,000 graduates opting to pursue Information Technology studies on a yearly basis. The nation is renowned for its improved education system that has assisted it in producing the most intelligent and talented software programmers worldwide.
  3. c) High-quality results provided economically – Romania is not among the rich nations in Europe. Due to this, outsourcing rates are much fairer and lower than in the U.S, UK and other developed countrie

The Romania software developmentĀ and nearshore industry is awesome with its high-speed broadband internet ranking in 4th position worldwide. This is where companies can outsource programming tasks at a low cost in exchange for very quality results. Romanians are highly experienced and competent with different software applications like Silverlight, and Agile. They could be hired through the internet.