After writing JAMB exam, what is the next step? When will JAMB start their admission process? These are frequently asked questions as monitored by NGScholars; especially two sets of people who either failed or passed JAMB 2017.

For those who performed poorly in JAMB exam, this is a very simple process. Ensure that you get a job or master skills even as you start preparationtowards next year JAMB (JAMB 2018). Also, understand the fact that failing JAMB doesn’t mean that you are a disappointment or is the end of life. You can still do well and perform excellently if you believe.

For those who performed excellently and passed the exam, it is not the end of the road. Endeavour to put things in order so that you don’t miss admission. In any case, passing JAMB does not guarantee you getting admission.

Back to our discussion, what is the next step after JAMB exam? This is what we are about to reveal. Relax your mind and let us start the discussion.

  1. Check Your JAMB Score And Your Preferred Institution:

Check your score and see if it is high enough to take you to your preferred institution or not. If the score can take you to your destination, then you are good to go, but if not, proceed to number 3.

  1. Check Your Course and Cut Off:

After checking that you meet the general cut off mark of your school, the next process is to see if you are able to gain admission with your score.

  1. Weigh up your options whether to change institution or course:

If your score does not meet your preferred school cut-off mark, then consider applying for a change of institution form.

  1. Be Patient

After JAMB, there is always this enthusiasm to go to school. You have to calm yourself down so that you don’t develop hypertension.

  1. Have Fun

A lot of applicants who are members of NGScholars will starve themselves until their names are released on the 2017 admission list. You don’t need to do all these.

If you done the proper thing then forget the whole process and continue living your normal life.