There has been a lot of controversy and debate concerning which car parts are essential for repairing and servicing cars. Normally, there are three auto parts types. New OEM parts are made by the original car maker or a certified designate of the car maker. Used OEMs are regarded as the second-hand parts taken majorly from written off vehicles. The aftermarkets are auto parts made by a manufacturer not certified by the car maker. There are a lot of arguments for and against the various types of auto parts. This article seeks to focus on New OEM auto parts.

For a lot of years, the new OEM parts remained the sole option when it comes to repairing and servicing cars. Nowadays, there are still numerous car parts like Brake Pads and Brake Rotors that wear easily and are inexpensive to buy thus making it highly sensible to buy the new auto parts.

Advantages of New OEM Parts

The main argument concerning the new OEM parts is that they are certified by the original car maker. To this effect, they affect neither the warranty placed on the car nor the insurance of the car. Furthermore, if you are able to purchase the parts manufactured by the original car making plant, then you should rest assured that the auto parts will fit perfectly and will be compatible with the remaining car parts as well. They provide your car with better functionality in addition to lasting longer since they are new and quality.

Disadvantages of First-hand OEM Car Parts

The major factor against first-hand OEM car parts is that they are costly. A lot of people claim that the exact companies that manufacture aftermarkets are the same that are outsourced to build the new manufacturer parts. But, the aftermarkets are normally 50-70% lesser in cost than new OEM parts. In addition, some car service gurus state that the new manufacture auto parts manufactured by outsourced companies in India, China, and other offshore countries are of low quality in comparison with the original ones.