The 2017 UTME already has a major change as it is, due to the fact that there won’t be any sale of JAMB scratch cards which was normally used for registration in the previous years according to JAMB latest news.

The following are 6 tips to assist students in doing very well in the JAMB CBT (Computer Based Test) examinations:

  1. Download the practice software

Early preparation is very crucial as far as doing very well is concerned in any aspect of life and JAMB CBT is not an exception. Downloading the JAMB CBT practice software is a very vital step to take since some students will be having their debut experience with any computer based assessment. The practice software is easily accessible online and can be accessed easily through a mobile phone or computer. Candidates are prompted to download for practice sake thereby getting themselves well prepared for the examination.

  1. Registration

A lot of the students have been very worried concerning the potential issues that could be attached to generating their own pins themselves ever since the news made the round that scratch cards won’t be used for registration in 2017.

It is very crucial for candidates to be updated as well as keep in touch with news as regards the registration process so that they don’t miss out on any update. The majority of the students begin to fail immediately there are errors in their registration.

  1. Use the syllabus

The majority of the students don’t use the JAMB syllabus provided during preparations for the examinations and this represents a reason why the questions may not look familiar. Every year, JAMB releases a full syllabus to assist students, it is essential that you make use of this.

  1. Know your CBT screen

At this stage, it is assumed that you have practiced very well with the use of the practice software. It’s very important that you study the CBT screen to get a very good knowledge of it and how to navigate it at best.