When it’s time to make a decision about the best cheap drones for less than $100, the best approach would be to give you an idea of what to expect in the inexpensive, toy-class, quadcopter market. You can refer to this as a guide to cheap drones where you can get information on the things you need to know prior to you or your kid taking to the skies.

Most of the inexpensive drones usually have a dedicated remote control, and those that don’t have one can always be controlled through an app on your tablet or smartphone. The product listing should give you the necessary information as to if the drone you are targeting comes with a remote or not.

It’s advisable to get at least an additional set of propellers for the drone of your choice, in addition to the tools required to replace them when one is damaged. Choosing a drone with protectors is a wise move because it greatly reduces the possibility of craft damage or property damage as well as injury to other people due to clumsy flights and landings.

Extra batteries are a good thing. Most drones for less than $100 will only give you a few minutes of flight time. And if you decide to use blade protectors or operate the attached camera, then that time reduces by a great deal. A lot of the cheap drones do not have cameras anyway, so that really shouldn’t be a worry.

When it comes to the legal bit, the US allows people without a license to use a quadcopter with a weight of 0.55lbs or less with a payload or attachments, or a toy class drone, in open areas far from buildings or airports. You are not allowed to fly over people. Technically, drones with a weight of 0.55lbs or more have to register with the FAA so that they can get an aircraft identification number.