Getting the right electronic frame among the myriad of electronic frames that litter the market today can be somewhat difficult. Because these frames have various sizes, styles, patterns and even colors, it becomes a tough decision when picking one as a gift for someone you are not sure of his/her style, size or color preference. Below are tips that could help you get just the perfect electronic photo frame for anyone irrespective of their preference and that suits any occasion:

A keychain is everyone’s fancy. If you do not know the particular size of frame to pick for a recipient, endeavor to reach for an electronic photo frame keychain. A keychain is very easy to use for most people; therefore, getting them an electronic picture frame that is set into a keychain is like the perfect gift. It is trending, smooth, unique, useful, fun and amazingly inexpensive.

Does black ever go wrong with anything? Definitely not! Black actually goes with every single thing. Having a hard time remembering the wallpaper at the recipient’s house or what color would fit their fancy? Just go for a black colored frame preferably one with an elegant and basic design. It will naturally blend with the background be it a decor, wall paper or painted wall.

Now to the shape – If you want to give someone a unique gift, go for a rare shape! If you intend gifting a person an electronic digital frame, get one with a unique size or shape. These frames come in varying and unique sizes so take your time in choosing one that looks different from the rest. A digital frame with a panoramic size could strike the chord particularly when it houses travel pictures.

Have it in mind that the electronic photo frame is a frame that houses the real gift – your pictures. So don’t over stress it with over patterned or very busy frames. A plain and elegant design would do just fine! As an extra, you could add a memory card alongside your unique electronic frame of various photos.