There is a new section known as the Interesting Finds section where you can get some cool things to buy on Amazon. This section serves up the weirdest, coolest, smartest, funniest, and best-looking products you can get on the site. Here are some of them;

Wine Condom $14

This is a funny one, but it is also astonishingly clever. It is actually a stretchy cover for your wine bottle to keep its contents from oxidizing on those occasions when you are not able to finish the whole bottle, and that matters a lot apparently. All you have to do is slide the condom over the mouth of the wine bottle and you’re done.

Alarm Clock on Wheels by Nanda Home $29

This is especially great for people who have a torrid time getting out of bed in the mornings. What the alarm clock does is to literally run away from you so as to ensure that you get up and out of bed. It works great on virtually all floor surfaces, and it is sturdy enough to drop from a height of as much as 3ft (which is taller than most nightstands).

Ostrich Pillow from Studio Banana Things $234

This is ideal for those lengthy days in the office when you just can’t handle it anymore or the flight delay at the airport that has you getting stuck at your boarding gate for an additional two hours. There’s a hole where your face can go in, making it possible to wear when you’re sitting up. It also works with you laying against a window with your face in the pillow for extra cushioning.

Sequined Mermaid Pillow Cases from Livedeal $10

These pillowcases are one of the cool things to buy on Amazon. The sequins are reversible, so it’s possible for you to draw on them to make fun designs or swipe up and down on them. There are a few different color combinations of these fun mermaid pillowcases.